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Bolt Heaters

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Bolt Heaters
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Bolt Heaters:
Flexible Bolt Heater

Power House Tool, Inc. will supply you with our patented Flexible Bolt Heater. When a clearance problem exists, the standard rigid bolt heater makes heating the stud nearly impossible. In the past, safely heating the rod of the heater and trying to bend it was the only alternative or not heating the stud at all. Now, you can flex our Power Flex Heater to get into hard to reach studs. Its durable construction allows you to do so safely.

Power Flex Bolt Heater
Patented Design


Bolt Heaters:

Power House Tool, Inc. Bolt Heaters - Superior Construction, Quickest Stud Heating, Longest Lasting, Best Warrantee, Most Knowledgeable Field Support. Our patented Bolt Heater has a silver soldered brass header. Our heaters will not break apart at that point like other brands that tack weld the heater to the box.

standard bolt heater
Patented Design

Bolt Heaters:
Gas Bolt Heater Kit

Model Number NS101
Power House Tool, Inc.'s gas bolt heater complete with 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" bushings & air valve.

Order separately:
1/8", 1/4", 3/8" stainless steel pipe size tubing, comes in standard 18" lengths, all other lengths available.

gas bolt heater kit

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