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Speed Heaters
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Speed Heater Controller

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Since most operators are familiar with resistance bolt heating, the new Power House Tool Speed Heater Controller requires a minimal amount of training.

  • Powers several Speed Heaters at once

  • Thermally elongates studs and bolts as fast as Induction

  • By using Four Speed Heaters at once, job proceeds four times faster than Induction or any other heating method

  • No requirement for cooling water, special coils or having to use two units to match the power of one Speed Heater Controller

  • System cost can be amortized in one outage and eliminates charged waiting time

Timer on remote pendant
Click to view enlargement.
Heating time is easily controlled by the digital timer on the unit or by the remote pendant. Click on images above to view enlargements.

Speed Heating Applications

  • Turbine Horizontal Joints

  • Boiler Feed Pumps

  • Stop/ Reheat Valves

  • Main Steam Valves

  • Loop Stop Isolation Valves

  • Reactor Coolant Pumps

The Power House Tool Speed Heater Controller controls the Speed Heaters to heat studs at Extreme speeds. An operator can heat 4 studs at one time using the SHC. This is faster than Induction Heating and 4 times faster than any other heating method in the Industry.

The SHC is equipped with digital timers to set specified heating times for the Speed Heaters. By simply turning the dial to the desired time on the timer and pressing the Start/Stop button, the circuit will be energized for the specified amount of time and de-energized when time has elapsed.

The timers can be operated individually or in Master Mode.

Master Mode allows the operator to control all circuits at the same time using one remote pendant.

The timers can be used directly on the unit or via the remote pendant.

  • Heat 4 studs simultaneously
  • Digital timers to control specified heating times
  • Master timer to run all heaters at once or Individual timer for one at a time
  • Remote Pendant timer to control time closer to stud
  • Red and Green lights to signify stop and start times
  • Light on Speed Heater lid and on pendant, indicate heater is being energized

speed heaters

The remote pendant lets you work right next to the stud. It can be used for an individual receptacle or as the Master Timer. The red light illuminates during operation, the green light indicates when heater is ready to move to the next stud.


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